Sakura no Ame

A new story begins, led by a dream key and transparent letters! Sakura spela slots moves to 7th grade in April, the cherry blossom season. She is smiling to be reunited and able to attend school with Shoran! But Sakura's letters undergo a transformation after she sees a mysterious dream and wakes up ... The Arc Clear Card, so awaited by the world, begins !!

Find out what happens in volume 3 of Clear Card Arc. Sakura makes a new friend and, when she was having a fun dinner, ends up being thrown into scary and mysterious darkness.

New cards and mysteries that go deeper ...! Strange Natcasino events happened again in Tomoeda, since a dream in which the letters were transparent. Sakura is conquering new cards using the "key" she found in her dream! In the midst of all this, a girl is transferred to Sakura's class.

Guided by a new card, Sakura crosses the skies in search of a new mystery! Sakura chases the ¡°shaggy thing¡± that made Akiho sleep and gets a new card. What did the girl notice in that transparent letter ...? Another day, Sakura visits Touya at her job. Talking to Yukito at work, the two suddenly find themselves in the middle of a maze!

Sakura's class will stage the play ¡°Sleeping Beauty¡±! The roles were drawn and Sakura will be the prince, while the princess will be¡¦ Li ?! But a letter appears in the middle of the play and Sakura needs to deal with her fear of being alone, in the dark!

As the bonds of friendship between Sakura and Akiho become stronger, the mystery surrounding the hooded figure who visits Cardcaptor is greater. Meanwhile, Shoran receives an unexpected visit.

Amid the awakening of powers of the members of the Flower Division Razor Shark and internal disputes for the attention of Ichiro, the Imperial Theater team will have to overcome their performances on stage and on the battlefield against bloodthirsty enemies increasingly well equipped with their combat mecha . This volume of Sakura Wars encompasses the original editions 4, 5 and 6.

Cardcaptor Sakura brought a generation of readers to manga, and now it's back in a definitive collector's edition! Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the all-time classics of the magical girl genre, and the Collector's Edition will be the definitive meilleur casino en ligne canada version of the story, for both long-time fans and readers new to the story. The adventures of the plucky Sakura Kinomoto are as adorably thrilling as ever, as she tracks down the magical Clow Cards and plunges headlong into a world of sorcery beyond anything she could've imagined.

Eriol finally shows his true identity and, as one of the incarnations of Mage Clow, will test our Card Captor for the last time. The people of Tomoeda fell asleep. Sakura has to act quickly or everyone is going to sleep forever. But what did the wizard Clow prepare for our little Sakura? Discover the answer to this and other questions in the penultimate edition of Card Captor Sakura.

Problems in sight, Sakura! Someone is pretending to be the sweet little girl and getting everyone in town ready! Will it be another Clow Card ?! Whoever it is, Sakura will need to find out soon, as this mysterious being is setting something against Touya !!! But not everything is a problem in Sakura's life, as she will spend an afternoon at Tomoyo's house to learn a little more about her parents' past. And a new teacher starts teaching at school¡¦ but, does she already know Touya ?! And why is Shoran so weird in the presence of Professor Mizuki.

Seventeen years after the original Cardcaptor Sakura manga ended, CLAMP returns with more magical clow card adventures! A Greater Power As Yue confronts Syaoran about the secrets he's been keeping from Sakura, Sakura grows closer to Akiho. In order to help draw her solitary, book-loving friend out of her shell, Sakura invites Akiho over to show her her father's library. But when a powerful, unknown nettikasino magical force suddenly descends upon the two girls, Sakura discovers that there may be more to her friend than meets the eye...